NFTS Graduate Showcase 2020

The above image shows students at editing work, a job that can make, or even break, a film.

The graduate students of 2020 screened many outstanding works. To explain, each short film, 20-30 minutes, is made entirely by students from the different disciplines of 20 or more.  From script writing to editing, from film music to sound mixing, from cinematography to directing, to the uninitiated a bewildering range.

Each February a multi-screen cinema in London’s West End is the venue for 3 days of screenings and the work on offer could be said to be worthy of the best TV schedules or top movie houses. Many are shown by us.

Members of the profession and industry, students, critics and lecturers form an orderly line to claim their seats in the Showcase of their choice and each screen is packed, such is the draw. Many graduates are offered jobs based on the work on show here, an increasing number with BEACONSFIELD FILM SOCIETY under the heading ‘Scholarship Sponsor’ in the credits.