Dirt Road to Lafayette

From a novel by the Scottish Booker Prize winner James Kelman and brought to the screen by the director Kenneth Glenaan, BAFTA winner for his work in film and TV.

Murdo, 15, and his father, Tom, journey from Scotland to North Alabama to visit their American/Scots relatives after the death of his mother. Murdo is an accordion player but has not played since his mother passed.

An absorbing and moving story about father and son trying to reconnect during a road trip in the aftermath of their family tragedy. Whilst meeting many characters, family and others, along the way, some great blue-grass music frames this much admired film.

The film, an exclusive to the BFS, will be streamed free of charge to members on Saturday, 27th January 2021 @20.00 followed by live Q&A with director Kenneth Glenaan @21.50.