The Brilliance of our Students

The 24th of September was an important evening at the Beaconsfield Film Society. An invitation by the school to our four finalists in our BFS GRADUATION FILM EVENT 2022 brought considerable artistic talent to our beautiful cinema to make this a most enjoyable occasion.

Aided by the superb projection of Viktor Csigas with the help of NFTS editors who melded our four films into one cohesive reel whilst maintaining flexible intervals allowing each title to be introduced by a member of our BFS committee. Honorable mention goes to Annie Burkitt for designing the screen-filling poster clearly explaining the evening’s proceedings.

Our first speaker was MICHAEL CATON-JONES, Head of Fiction at the NFTS and Director/Producer of a raft of movies, who told us about the importance of training, The school’s selection of students, about 340 applicants for a single place, with exceptional talent the most important consideration. He drew attention to a large number of supporters who make these criteria financially possible, indeed ourĀ  BFS a regular contributor. Tonight’s takings are heading straight in this direction.

Michael also gave us much interesting information from his work as a director in films with the biggest names. Many aspects of what we gleaned will make our future film-viewing more enjoyable.

Our first film, TREMOLO, had a trio of talented young filmmakers. An exceptional 24-minute film with a great storyline, music, and acting showed a maturity that almost beggars belief. The film deals with the involuntary tremors suffered by a young Chinese concert violinist threatening her career with an unlikely remedy no one guessed at.

Dieter Shaw, BFS chair, accompanied by Jade Li (director) Noa Margalit (composer) left and Jack Haggerty (production designer) gave accounts of their work, personal journeys, and aspirations.

THE SHADOW OF THE GIANTS, our second short film, showed us the critical importance of our trees. In a mere 18 minutes, the future of our trees was shown to be threatened by excessive land clearance, farming-related chemicals, and ever more advanced veterinary treatments where the medicines passing through the animal’s digestive system impacted our trees on exit. Trees chronicle our past, relate to each other, and make possible and enhance all life, human and animals.

No 3 film ASCENT was a short animation made with great skill and inspiration. The story, packed into a mere 12 minutes, follows Zain, a saluki dog, as he sets off on a journey through the arctic coastal waste and to the town where he lives. He is chasing scents trying to find his master. A look into the future? I hope not. Beautifull-scarily with much food for thought.

THE VIOLENCE BETWEEN US (24 minutes) was our final film. We are in Salvador, Brazil where specially trained police officers try and stem the tide of interfamilial violence and killings. Officers risk their own lives by supporting women who need protection. Here the significant threats of the underworld are dwarfed by the fear of women who every day face death at the hands of family members. A sobering film that leaves a mark, Noa Margalit (composer) as per Tremolo.

Film-making is a team job, often counting 50 individuals or more including 30 different skills and trades in a single Graduating team. Our bright students with their inspirational teachers encourage young men and women from all parts of the world to come to Beaconsfield. They have assured a job when they leave.

The Tremolo Team + Dieter Shaw
from left Noa Margalit (Composer) Jade Li (Director) Jack Haggerty (Design)