IMPORTANT NOTICE:  From 1st January, BFS have linked up with YourScreen to provide films for you to watch at home.   The films we have selected can be found on our Current Season Programme.

This section only applies to films screened at NFTS cinema.

Before booking please read our Visitor Information.

Only members can buy tickets.  Not a member then Join Now.

Ticket prices: Members £6; Student members £3; Guests £10; Student guests £5. Price includes a glass of wine or soft drink, and nibbles.

Ticket age limit:  12+ years subject to film certificate.

Note: Tickets booked online are non-refundable and non-transferable. See full Terms and Conditions.
Reservation tickets do NOT NEED TO BE PRINTED. Please ignore the statement at the top of the e-ticket.

Wheelchairs can be accommodated but notice is required. To accommodate a wheelchair two seats are removed from the end of a row which is why notice is needed. Wheelchairs are not allowed at the end of a row without removing the seats as it would block the fire exit.

Take a chance Members are welcome to turn up on the night, however we cannot guarantee seats will be available.