The society is run by volunteers who are members of either the Main Committee or the Programme Sub-Committee (PSC).

  • Main Committee – Manages the running of the society. At least one member of the main committee is a member of the PSC.
  • Programme Sub-Committee (PSC) – Select the films for the new programme, write the screening notes, and delivers the introduction prior to a screening.

We would welcome more help so if you are interested, please talk to one of us.

Main and PSC Committee Members

Anthony Pickavance – Founder Chairman

Anthony Pickavance

Rashid Mumtaz – Chairman

Patrick Dunster – Treasurer

Patrick Dunster

Garth Minikin – Membership Secretary
Susan Mills – SecretaryAnne Shaw – FOH Organiser
Dieter Shaw – Committee Member & PSC Member (Licences, Projection)

Dieter Shaw
Roselle Beard – Website and Communications
Roselle Beard
Angus Laidlaw – PSC Chairman & Committee Member

Angus Laidlaw

Carole Campbell – PSC Secretary

Michael Hammett – PSC Member

Michael Hammett

Jan Atkinson – PSC Member
Deborah Holloway – PSC Member