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2020 Screenings

DatesScreeningsUnmissableReally goodOKNot my thingPoor ChoiceTotal Audience
20th FebruaryMaiden (UK 2019)
6th FebruaryJust Mercy (USA 2019)
23rd January The Two Popes (UK 2019)
9th JanuaryKindergarten Teacher (USA 2019)
12th DecemberThe Boy Who Harnessed the Wind (?? 2019)
5th DecemberFor Sama (Syria 2019)
21st NovemberSorry We Missed You (UK 2019)
7th NovemberMarriage Story (USA 2018)
17th OctoberChildren of the Snowland (Nepal 2019)
29rd FebruaryLady Bird (USA 2018)5%39%47%5%5%133
14th FebruaryIf Beale Street Could Talk (USA 2018)5%37%41%14%3%106
25th JanuaryWoman at War (Iceland 2018)
10th JanuaryFree Solo (USA 2018)49%48%1%1%067

2019 Screenings

DatesScreeningsUnmissableReally goodOKNot my thingPoor ChoiceTotal Audience
14th DecemberFinding Your Feet (12A)36%59%5%0085
6th DecemberLeave No Trace (12A)18%47%26%9%088
16th NovemberNae Pasaran (12A)27%50%17%6%0112
1st NovemberWild Rose (15)23%64%12%1%0127
19th OctoberVice (15)25%46%21%8%092
4th OctoberCapernaum (15)(S)47%34%12%7%089
21st SeptemberA Star is Born (15)19%60%10%9%2%62
6th SeptemberFirst Man (12A)38%38%20%3%1%87
17th AugustThe Guilty (S) (Denmark 2018)33%53%9%5%0%59
2nd AugustThe Choir (USA 2014)21%59%15%3%3%109
20th JulyShoplifters (S) (Japan 2018)9%38%41%11%1%90
5th JulyGreen Book (USA 2018)63%36%1%0%0%97
22nd JuneWildlife (USA 2018)0%28%49%19%3%103
7th June No Man's Land (S) (Bosnia 2001)26%47%18%5%4%88
25th MayIn Between (S) (Israel, France 2016)5%44%30%19%2%120
10th MayDisobedience (UK, Ireland, US 2017)11%49%34%5%1%68
 27th AprilTruman (S) (Spain 2015)20%53%22%4%1%80
5th AprilBlacKkKlansman (USA 2018)25%59%11%4%0118
23rd MarchThe Wife (UK, Sweden, USA 2017)31%60%7%2%0122
9th MarchCold War (S) (Poland 2017)15%42%31%6%1%119
23rd FebruaryTheir Finest (UK, Sweden 2016)70%12%16%02%102
8th FebruaryLoving Vincent Poland, USA 201739%54%6%1%0115
26th JanuaryWind River (USA 2018)
11th JanuaryFunny Cow (UK 2017)15%64%14%6%1%137

2018 Screenings

DatesScreeningsUnmissableReally goodOKNot my thingPoor ChoiceTotal Audience
15th DeccemberEdie (UK 2018)
7th DecemberSweet Bean (S) (Japan 2015)17%62%17%4%0110
17th NovemberMetro Manila (S) (UK, Philippines 2013)
2nd NovemberLean on Pete (USA 2016)12%52%32%4%0103
20th OctoberBirdy (USA 1984)35%50%6%6^3%133
5th OctoberNocturnal Animals (USA 2016)21%39%12%21%7%88
22nd SeptemberA Fantastic Woman (S) (Chile 2017)14%5227%6%1%70
7th SeptemberFilm Stars Don't Die in Liverpool (UK 2017)21%58%17%4%099
18th AugustGifted (USA 2017)32%62%7%1%1%125
3rd AugustGet Out (USA 2017)19%32%16%19%12%88
21st JulyQueen of Katwe (USA 2017)51%46%3%0076
6th JulyFrantz23%73%2.7%1.4%077
19th JuneThe Florida Project (USA 2017)4%22%35%25%14%96
4th JuneGraduation (S) (Romania 2017)8%45%34%12%1%80
19th MaySully (USA 2016)42%48%9%1%075
4th MayAge of Shadows (S), (South Korean 2016)9%32%22%29%8%75
 21st AprilThree Billboard Outside Ebbing, Missouri (USA 2017)41%49%8%2%0140
6th AprilThe Lodger, UK 192642%50%5%3%075
24th MarchThe Eagle Huntress (S) (UK, USA, Mongolia 2016)33%58%6%1%0101
9th MarchThe Lunchbox (S) (India 2013)10%70%18%0055
24th FebruaryRabbit-Proof Fence (Australia 2002)37%60%3%0090
9th FebruaryThe Diving Bell and The Butterfly (S)  France 200734%43%11%7%5%44
24th JanuaryLocke (UK, USA 2013)11%51%25%12%1%77
12th JanuaryThe Handmaiden (S) (South Korea 2016)13%40%17%21%10%63

2017 Screenings

DatesScreeningsUnmissableReally goodOKNot my thingPoor ChoiceTotal Audience
16th DecemberThe Hundred Foot Journey (USA, 2014)28%63%8%1%072
1st DecemberTanna (S) (Australia 2015)30%49%20%1%066
25th NovemberLetters from Baghdad (France/UK/USA 2016)15%60%23%2%0111
10th NovemberThings to Come (S) (France, 2016)2%36%47%10%4%87
21st OctoberHidden Figures (USA, 2016)72%28%000116
6th OctoberThe Salesman (S) (Iran, 2016)2%39%36%2%3%92
23rd SeptemberLion (USA, 2016)53%41%6%0083
8th SeptemberA Man Called Ove (S) (Sweden, 2016)37%58%4%1%0100
26th AugustThe Sting (USA, 1973)45%49%5%1%071
12th AugustThe Idol (S) (UK/Palestine/Qatar/UAE, 2015)32%57%9%1%075
22nd JulyHunt for the Wilderpeople (New Zealand, 2016)45%47%6%2%064
8th JulyThe Lives of Others (S) (Germany, 2006)77%20%03%044
24th JuneThe Piano (Australia, 1998)57%27%11%4%044
10th JuneMon Oncle (France, 1958)19%34%26%19%2%58
27th MayEye in the Sky (UK/South Africa, 2015)48%48%2%2%082
13th MayOur Little Sister (S) (Japan, 2015)27%62%8%03%77
22nd AprilBridge of Spies (US, 2015)58%42%00060
8th AprilBienvenue Les Ch'tis (S) (France, 2008)56%30%11%3%070
25th MarchThe Producers (US, 1967)15%49%21%15%066
11th MarchIngrid Bergman: In Her Own Words (S) (Sweden, 2015)27%40%28%5%057
25th FebruarySpotlight (US, 2015)49%47%2%2%057
11th FebruaryDr Strangelove (UK, 1963)21%45%16%16%2%49
21st JanuaryTrumbo (US, 2015)53%44%1%2%088
7th JanuaryLoin des Hommes (S) (France, 2015)38%52%10%0088

2016 Screenings

DatesScreeningsUnmissableReally goodOKNot my thingPoor ChoiceTotal Audience
10th DecemberCarol (US, 2015)11%47%26%13%038
3rd DecemberMy Darling Clementine (UK, 1946)16%64%18%2%050
20th NovemberThe Kite Runner (US, 2007)47%53%00045
8th NovemberBrooklyn (UK/Ireland, 2015)49%46%4%1%076
22nd OctoberBicycle Thieves (S) (Italy, 1948)17%40%34%8%064
8th OctoberSpectre (US/UK,2015)31%37.9%24.1%3.4%3.4%29
24th SeptemberTaxi Tehran (S) (Iran, 2015)5%33%44%11%6%63
10th SeptemberCabaret (US, 1972)11%36%31%17%5%81
20th AugustMustang (S) (Turkey, 2015)36%53%8%1%1%66
6th AugustDallas Buyers Club (US, 2013)46%32%11%11%035
9th JulyThe Brand New Testament (France, 2015)32%46%14%8%077
25th JuneWomen in Love (UK, 1969)13%57%22%8%061
11th JuneDheepan (S) (France, 2015)16%48%20%14%2%58
21st MaySelma (US/UK, 2015)60%39%1%0070
7th MayGrandma (US, 2015)17%45%21%6%089
23rd AprilOnly Angels Have Wings (US, 1939)10%51%30%7%2%81
9th AprilOf Horses and Men (S) (Iceland, 2013)11%36%32%17%5%81
19th MarchPride (UK/France, 2014)41%45%10%3%1%80
4th MarchThe Connection (S) (France, 2015)34%47.6%15.5%2.9%0103
20th FebruaryFar From the Madding Crowd (US, 2015)25%59%15%1%091
5th FebruaryRosewater (US, 2014)14%53%22%11%064
23rd JanuaryWhiplash (US, 2014)40%50%7%3%073
8th JanuaryIn Order of Disappearance (S) (Norway, 2014)18%52%16%12%2%87

2015 Screenings

2015 Screenings UnmissableReally good   OKNot my thingPoor ChoiceTotal Audience
11th DecemberThe Apartment40%51%7%2%067
4th DecemberWhat We Did On Our Holiday61%38%01%071
12th NovemberMade in Dagenham40%58%2%0057
24th OctoberDifret41%53%6%0070
9th OctoberGrand Budapest Hotel29%41%18%8%4%105
26th SeptemberIda13%63%23%1%079
11th SeptemberGuys & Dolls45%50%3%2%060
29th AugustCamille Claude4%43%22%27%4%82