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2023 Screenings

DatesScreeningsUnmissableReally goodOKNot my thingPoor ChoiceTotal Audience
29th AprilDrive My Car (15) (S)
15th AprilBenediction (12A)--
25th MarchLa Famille Belier (12) (S)31%57%12%114
11th MarchThe Quiet Girl (12A)28%52%16%4%-109
25th FebruaryCabaret(15)48%38%12%2%118
11th FebruaryParallel Mothers (15) (S)39%50%10%1%119
21st JanuaryThe Alpinist (12A)55%38%7%47
7th JanuaryThe Outfit (15)31%60%6%3%120

2022 Screenings

DatesScreeningsUnmissableReally goodOKNot my thingPoor ChoiceTotal Audience
17th DecemberWest Side Story53%30%11%6%62
10th DecemberThe Phantom of the Open (12A)20%77%3%74
26th NovemberLicorice Pizza (15)6%41%28%13%11%46
12th NovemberThe Duke (12A)29%65%6%100
22nd OctoberThe Rescue (12A)84%16%62
8th OctoberThe Intouchables (15) (S)82%18%60
10th SeptemberA Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood (PG)6%35%39%8%5%65
27th AugustThe Last Duel (18)22%47%20%10%1%51
13th AugustPetite Maman (U) (S)7%26%52%9%5%81
23rd JulyBelfast (12A)60%31%9%--107
9th JulyKing Richard (12A)40%51%9%--45
25th JuneStillwater (15)13%71%16%38
11th JuneOnly the Animals (15) (S)16%54%18%12%-72
28th MayThe Courier (12A)42%57%1%--67

14th MayThe Hand of God (Italy) (S) 20216%48%33%9%3%32
23rd AprilThe Lost Daughter (US) 20216%48%34%9%3%35
9th AprilMaiden (UK) replaced La Belle Epoque51%36%13%--66
26th MarchThe Perfect Candidate (PG) (S)8%63%25%2%2%69
12th MarchThe Power of the Dog (12A)22%49%26%3%-93
26th FebruaryAfter Love (French 2020)21%59%16%4%90
12th FebruaryThe Two Popes (UK 2019)48%46%3%1%72
22nd JanuaryMinari (Korean 2020)12%45%42%1%65
9th JanuaryJust Mercy (USA 2020)60%38%-2%56

2021 Screenings

DatesScreeningsUnmissableReally goodOKNot my thingPoor ChoiceTotal Audience
18th DecemberDream Horse (UK/USA 2020)30%65%5%44
11th December1917 (UK 2019)57%33%10%30
27th NovemberThe County (Iceland, 2019)7%42%39%7%5%57
23rd OctoberNomadland (USA, 2020)24%56%17%3%88

2020 Screenings

DatesScreeningsUnmissableReally goodOKNot my thingPoor ChoiceTotal Audience
29rd FebruaryLady Bird (USA 2018)5%39%47%5%5%133
14th FebruaryIf Beale Street Could Talk (USA 2018)5%37%41%14%3%106
25th JanuaryWoman at War (Iceland 2018)
10th JanuaryFree Solo (USA 2018)49%48%1%1%067

2019 Screenings

DatesScreeningsUnmissableReally goodOKNot my thingPoor ChoiceTotal Audience
14th DecemberFinding Your Feet (12A)36%59%5%0085
6th DecemberLeave No Trace (12A)18%47%26%9%088
16th NovemberNae Pasaran (12A)27%50%17%6%0112
1st NovemberWild Rose (15)23%64%12%1%0127
19th OctoberVice (15)25%46%21%8%092
4th OctoberCapernaum (15)(S)47%34%12%7%089
21st SeptemberA Star is Born (15)19%60%10%9%2%62
6th SeptemberFirst Man (12A)38%38%20%3%1%87
17th AugustThe Guilty (S) (Denmark 2018)33%53%9%5%0%59
2nd AugustThe Choir (USA 2014)21%59%15%3%3%109
20th JulyShoplifters (S) (Japan 2018)9%38%41%11%1%90
5th JulyGreen Book (USA 2018)63%36%1%0%0%97
22nd JuneWildlife (USA 2018)0%28%49%19%3%103
7th June No Man's Land (S) (Bosnia 2001)26%47%18%5%4%88
25th MayIn Between (S) (Israel, France 2016)5%44%30%19%2%120
10th MayDisobedience (UK, Ireland, US 2017)11%49%34%5%1%68
 27th AprilTruman (S) (Spain 2015)20%53%22%4%1%80
5th AprilBlacKkKlansman (USA 2018)25%59%11%4%0118
23rd MarchThe Wife (UK, Sweden, USA 2017)31%60%7%2%0122
9th MarchCold War (S) (Poland 2017)15%42%31%6%1%119
23rd FebruaryTheir Finest (UK, Sweden 2016)70%12%16%02%102
8th FebruaryLoving Vincent Poland, USA 201739%54%6%1%0115
26th JanuaryWind River (USA 2018)
11th JanuaryFunny Cow (UK 2017)15%64%14%6%1%137

2018 Screenings

DatesScreeningsUnmissableReally goodOKNot my thingPoor ChoiceTotal Audience
15th DeccemberEdie (UK 2018)
7th DecemberSweet Bean (S) (Japan 2015)17%62%17%4%0110
17th NovemberMetro Manila (S) (UK, Philippines 2013)
2nd NovemberLean on Pete (USA 2016)12%52%32%4%0103
20th OctoberBirdy (USA 1984)35%50%6%6^3%133
5th OctoberNocturnal Animals (USA 2016)21%39%12%21%7%88
22nd SeptemberA Fantastic Woman (S) (Chile 2017)14%5227%6%1%70
7th SeptemberFilm Stars Don't Die in Liverpool (UK 2017)21%58%17%4%099
18th AugustGifted (USA 2017)32%62%7%1%1%125
3rd AugustGet Out (USA 2017)19%32%16%19%12%88
21st JulyQueen of Katwe (USA 2017)51%46%3%0076
6th JulyFrantz23%73%2.7%1.4%077
19th JuneThe Florida Project (USA 2017)4%22%35%25%14%96
4th JuneGraduation (S) (Romania 2017)8%45%34%12%1%80
19th MaySully (USA 2016)42%48%9%1%075
4th MayAge of Shadows (S), (South Korean 2016)9%32%22%29%8%75
 21st AprilThree Billboard Outside Ebbing, Missouri (USA 2017)41%49%8%2%0140
6th AprilThe Lodger, UK 192642%50%5%3%075
24th MarchThe Eagle Huntress (S) (UK, USA, Mongolia 2016)33%58%6%1%0101
9th MarchThe Lunchbox (S) (India 2013)10%70%18%0055
24th FebruaryRabbit-Proof Fence (Australia 2002)37%60%3%0090
9th FebruaryThe Diving Bell and The Butterfly (S)  France 200734%43%11%7%5%44
24th JanuaryLocke (UK, USA 2013)11%51%25%12%1%77
12th JanuaryThe Handmaiden (S) (South Korea 2016)13%40%17%21%10%63

2017 Screenings

DatesScreeningsUnmissableReally goodOKNot my thingPoor ChoiceTotal Audience
16th DecemberThe Hundred Foot Journey (USA, 2014)28%63%8%1%072
1st DecemberTanna (S) (Australia 2015)30%49%20%1%066
25th NovemberLetters from Baghdad (France/UK/USA 2016)15%60%23%2%0111
10th NovemberThings to Come (S) (France, 2016)2%36%47%10%4%87
21st OctoberHidden Figures (USA, 2016)72%28%000116
6th OctoberThe Salesman (S) (Iran, 2016)2%39%36%2%3%92
23rd SeptemberLion (USA, 2016)53%41%6%0083
8th SeptemberA Man Called Ove (S) (Sweden, 2016)37%58%4%1%0100
26th AugustThe Sting (USA, 1973)45%49%5%1%071
12th AugustThe Idol (S) (UK/Palestine/Qatar/UAE, 2015)32%57%9%1%075
22nd JulyHunt for the Wilderpeople (New Zealand, 2016)45%47%6%2%064
8th JulyThe Lives of Others (S) (Germany, 2006)77%20%03%044
24th JuneThe Piano (Australia, 1998)57%27%11%4%044
10th JuneMon Oncle (France, 1958)19%34%26%19%2%58
27th MayEye in the Sky (UK/South Africa, 2015)48%48%2%2%082
13th MayOur Little Sister (S) (Japan, 2015)27%62%8%03%77
22nd AprilBridge of Spies (US, 2015)58%42%00060
8th AprilBienvenue Les Ch'tis (S) (France, 2008)56%30%11%3%070
25th MarchThe Producers (US, 1967)15%49%21%15%066
11th MarchIngrid Bergman: In Her Own Words (S) (Sweden, 2015)27%40%28%5%057
25th FebruarySpotlight (US, 2015)49%47%2%2%057
11th FebruaryDr Strangelove (UK, 1963)21%45%16%16%2%49
21st JanuaryTrumbo (US, 2015)53%44%1%2%088
7th JanuaryLoin des Hommes (S) (France, 2015)38%52%10%0088

2016 Screenings

DatesScreeningsUnmissableReally goodOKNot my thingPoor ChoiceTotal Audience
10th DecemberCarol (US, 2015)11%47%26%13%038
3rd DecemberMy Darling Clementine (UK, 1946)16%64%18%2%050
20th NovemberThe Kite Runner (US, 2007)47%53%00045
8th NovemberBrooklyn (UK/Ireland, 2015)49%46%4%1%076
22nd OctoberBicycle Thieves (S) (Italy, 1948)17%40%34%8%064
8th OctoberSpectre (US/UK,2015)31%37.9%24.1%3.4%3.4%29
24th SeptemberTaxi Tehran (S) (Iran, 2015)5%33%44%11%6%63
10th SeptemberCabaret (US, 1972)11%36%31%17%5%81
20th AugustMustang (S) (Turkey, 2015)36%53%8%1%1%66
6th AugustDallas Buyers Club (US, 2013)46%32%11%11%035
9th JulyThe Brand New Testament (France, 2015)32%46%14%8%077
25th JuneWomen in Love (UK, 1969)13%57%22%8%061
11th JuneDheepan (S) (France, 2015)16%48%20%14%2%58
21st MaySelma (US/UK, 2015)60%39%1%0070
7th MayGrandma (US, 2015)17%45%21%6%089
23rd AprilOnly Angels Have Wings (US, 1939)10%51%30%7%2%81
9th AprilOf Horses and Men (S) (Iceland, 2013)11%36%32%17%5%81
19th MarchPride (UK/France, 2014)41%45%10%3%1%80
4th MarchThe Connection (S) (France, 2015)34%47.6%15.5%2.9%0103
20th FebruaryFar From the Madding Crowd (US, 2015)25%59%15%1%091
5th FebruaryRosewater (US, 2014)14%53%22%11%064
23rd JanuaryWhiplash (US, 2014)40%50%7%3%073
8th JanuaryIn Order of Disappearance (S) (Norway, 2014)18%52%16%12%2%87

2015 Screenings

2015 ScreeningsUnmissableReally good   OKNot my thingPoor ChoiceTotal Audience
11th DecemberThe Apartment40%51%7%2%067
4th DecemberWhat We Did On Our Holiday61%38%01%071
12th NovemberMade in Dagenham40%58%2%0057
24th OctoberDifret41%53%6%0070
9th OctoberGrand Budapest Hotel29%41%18%8%4%105
26th SeptemberIda13%63%23%1%079
11th SeptemberGuys & Dolls45%50%3%2%060
29th AugustCamille Claude4%43%22%27%4%82