Unthinkable! So let us help you….

….by pointing the way with some film suggestions twice a month from your BFS programme group.  Films can be watched directly on your TV, computer, laptop or tablet.  See the Issue pages for our bi-weekly film suggestions.

This initiative is available for everyone so please share with your friends, neighbours and colleagues if they might be interested.

There are three prominent types of services:

  1. From one of the regular TV channels (free if you have a TV licence).  This includes Talking Pictures TV (Channel 81 etc).
  2. Streamed to your SMART TV, Computer, Laptop or Tablet (by subscription plus additional pay-as-you-watch). Typically once you have a subscription, films cost between £3.99 and £9.99.  Although some maybe free.  The main providers are (click name to open provider home page):
    • Netflix   Available via online signup.  Once signed up, all programmes and films are free.
    • BT TV    Only available if you already have BT Broadband.
    • Amazon Prime & Prime Video Available via online signup.
    • MUBI  Available via online signup.  Special deal of 3 months for £1 to get you started.
    • Sky  Only available if you already have Sky.  No new installations at present.
  3. Streamed to your Computer, Laptop or Tablet (pay-as-you watch)
    Films cost between £4.50 and £10 with free signup i.e. no monthly subscription.  The main providers are (click name to open provider home page):

    • BFI (British Film Institute)
      • Create an account (Free) Or Become a Member £4.99 per month which gives 15% discount
      • Provide name, email, card details and password
      • Once you have registered, login to search for a film.
    • Curzon Home Cinema
      • Register on the home page. Provide your name, email, post code for free membership.
      • Once you have registered, login to search for a film. To search:
        • Click the search icon (the magnifying glass) on the top RHS
        • Enter part of the film title
        • Select the film from the dropdown list of films
      • Display the film banner.  From here you can now either ‘Watch Trailer’ (free) or ‘Watch Now’ (you will be asked for payment details which you can optionally save for subsequent use).
      • If you ‘Watch Now’ you will be asked for payment.  Film available for 48 hours.
      • To find a new film, repeat the same steps until you find the one you want to watch.
    • Amazon Prime Video via IMDB (Limited Titles)
      • You will need an Amazon account to pay for titles.
      • IMDB allows access to many Amazon Prime Video titles without subscription.
      • Some titles have a direct blue link to Amazon Prime Video pay-per-view located next ‘Add to Watch List’.