After Love 2020 (12A) (S)

Screening: Saturday 26th February 2022

  • 89 min
  • Drama
  • Realease date: 04 Jun 2021 (United Kingdom)
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IMDB Rating:
7.5 / 10


An astonishingly self-assured first film by Aleem Khan.  It follows the story of Mary who is pitched by sudden tragedy into a Hitchcockian world of secrets and lies which challenge everything she thought she knew and everything she thought was certain. In a Covid-free year, Joanna Scanlon would have surely scooped an acting award.    Running Time: 89 minutes. French, Arabic, Urdu with subtitles.

Plus Britains Lost Walks – A 2019 NFTS Student Graduation Film.   The Forest of Bowland in North East Lancashire is an Area of Outstanding Beauty where a team of grad students from the NFTS under Director Samson Ibitoje follows explorer Andy Browning and Artist Beatrice Hasell-McCosh in their search for lost walks. Ancient landscapes, rivers, hills and homes, a film full of glorious views with many discoveries.  Running time 24 minutes.