Gifted (12A)

Screening: Saturday 18th August, 2018

  • 101 min
  • Drama
  • Realease date: 12 Apr 2017 (USA)
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IMDB Rating:
7.6 / 10


USA 2017 – Director:  Marc Webb
Frank (single) is raising his niece, Mary (7), following the death of his sister.  He wants her to have a normal childhood and sends her to the local school, declining offers of special treatment to develop her unusual mathematical abilities.  Conflict with Mary’s grandmother ensues and she claims legal custody. A feel-good, family-friendly drama.  A feel-good, family friendly drama.   Running time:  101mins.  Plus Up Hill NFTS Student Graduation Film. Running time: 9 mins.

Audience Ratings:  Unmissable 39 (32%), Really Good 74 (60%), Good 9 (7%)  Not my thing 1 (1%) Poor choice 1 (1%) Attended 124