Parasite (15) (S)

Screening: Saturday 13th January

  • 132 min
  • Drama, Thriller
  • Realease date: 08 Nov 2019 (South Korea)
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IMDB Rating:
8.5 / 10


The Kim family live in a shabby basement flat in a poor area of Seoul, and struggle for money.  Min-hyuk, a friend and university student, gives the family a ‘scholar’s rock’ meant to promise wealth. Leaving to study abroad, he suggests that the Kims’ son, Ki-woo, pose as a university student to take over his job as English tutor to Da-hye, the daughter of the rich Park family. The Kims get greedy and, exploiting Mrs Park’s gullibility, manage to get positions for all four family members with the Parks. When the Parks go away camping, the Kims get greedier still, and everything begins to unravel with spectacular consequences. 

Running time: 132 minutes. Korean with subtitles.