Past Lives (12A)

Screening: Saturday 24th August, 2024

  • 105 min
  • Drama, Romance
  • Realease date: 23 Jun 2023 (United States, South Korea)
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IMDB Rating:
7.9 / 10


USA 2023 – Director Celine Song

Na Young and Hae Sung, both 12, are classmates in Seoul in 2000. They are inseparable and develop feelings for each other. Their parents agree to set up a date for them. Shortly after, Na emigrates to Toronto with her family, and the two lose contact. Twelve years later, Na, now Nora, has moved to New York, and discovers that Hae Sung, still living in Seoul, was looking for her online. Circumstances prevent them from meeting up, and more years pass, with Na now happily married to Arthur and Hae Sung on his own after a failed relationship. Hae Sung is keen to see Nora again, and travels to New York. What does fate have in store?

Running time 106 minutes. English/Korean with subtitles.