Selfie 2020 (S) Comedy

Screening: 26th March-23rd May

  • 108 min
  • Comedy
  • Realease date: 15 Jan 2020 (France)
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IMDB Rating:
5.6 / 10


A no-holds barred satire on our love affair with all things digital told through six darkly humorous, interlinking stories which explore our increasing dependence upon digital media. Cyberstalking, social media, online shopping, swipe dating, vlogging – all come under its insightful gaze.  Given our increased reliance on technology to stay connected under the current Covid-19 lockdown, this is a wry commentary on the tyranny of internet connections and screens.  Running time: 1 hour 48 minutes.  French with subtitles.

Selfie is available 26th March to 23rd May. Use Promo code BFSYSS2 to get your discount. 

View Trailer: click here to watch.

BFS rating: 15

BFS Opinion:  A humorous French comedy on the impact of social media on society and the behaviour it engenders. In many cases this film is alarming highlighting the power of social media companies like Facebook, Google, Twitter are having on society.

“If one image here doesn’t tickle you, it’s easy enough to swipe to the next.” – Variety