The Girl with a Bracelet (15) – Drama, Crime


  • 95
  • Drama
  • Realease date: 2019 (France)
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IMDB Rating:
6.8 / 10


France 2020.  It begins as an ordinary family outing on the beach. Then things turn dark as 17-year-old Lise, from a wealthy middle-class family, comes under investigation following the death of her best friend. As her parents (Chiara Mastroianni and Roschdy Zem) deal with the trauma in different ways, Lise is required to account for a way of life that doesn’t always fit the morality approved of by the justice system.  Running time: 95 minutes.  French with subtitles.

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Rotten Tomatoes Critic Consensus:  A compelling story and tantalising subject matter make The Girl with a Bracelet a riveting watch.