The Outfit (15)

Screening: Saturday 7th January

  • 105 min
  • Crime, Drama, Mystery
  • Realease date: 18 Mar 2022 (United Kingdom, United States)
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IMDB Rating:
7.1 / 10


Leonard (Mark Rylance) is a British tailor whom life’s moves have deposited in a small gent’s outfitters in Chicago.  Having learned his craft in London’s Saville Row, he is the go-to supplier to the gangster fraternity who appreciate a set of nice threads and, more importantly, can afford to pay for them. One night, a couple of killers knock on his door and request a favour unrelated to any outerwear which leads to a fascinating 90 minutes of intense drama where everyone is not exactly who they seem.   Leonard must outwit them at every twist and turn.  Mark Rylance is, as always, quietly brilliant. Running Time 105 minutes

Please be aware that this film contains some very violent scenes.