Veins of the World 2020 (S) (F) Drama

Screening: 13th April- 23rd May

  • 96 min
  • Drama, Family
  • Realease date: 08 Oct 2020 (Germany, Mongolia)
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IMDB Rating:
7.6 / 10


Online via YourScreen.  Set in the spectacular beauty of the Mongolian steppe, this film looks at the encroachment of modernity and its effect on nomadic lifestyles that have changed little in hundreds of years. Following the sudden death of the leader of a campaign against mining companies who are destroying the habitat on which they depend, his eleven-year-old son steps up to carry on his David vs Goliath fight, an old Mongolian folk tale being both his inspiration and his secret weapon.   Running time: 1 hour 36 minutes. Mongolian with subtitles.

Veins of the World is available 13th April to 23rd May.  Use Promo code BFSYSS2 to get your discount.  

BFS rating: 12

BFS Opinion: It is visually beautiful and engaging, and an eye-opener on the destructive consequences of unbridled industrial exploitation.

“shares with those films an intimate authenticity when it comes to depicting the lives of Mongolian nomadic herders. More than an ethnographic curiosity, the film, in its understated way, is an environmental Cri de Coeur” – Screen International