• 25 minutes
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/ 10


It has been raining for weeks on end. A young woman commits herself to a psychiatric clinic, claiming that she is the cause of the rain, and that she has the power to end the world.

Graduating Crew

Director – Sarah Knar
Producer – Alfred Deragne
Screenwriter – Hipatia Argüero Mendoza
Cinematographer – Wouter Verheul
Focus Puller – Carolina Costa
2nd Assistant Camera – Santiago Monroy
Production Designer – Melina Mei Veropoulou
Assistant Directors – Ariadne Divaris, Amelia Sabeti
Production Manager – Toni Winston
Production Sound Mixer – Sam Thomas
1st Assistant Sound – Benjamin Schweimler Ricca
Editor – Jón Atli Guðjónsson
Sound Designer/Dubbing Mixer – Alex Hübner
Composer – Caspar Leopard
VFX Supervisors – Ellie Rimell, Iris Mota, Rashela Kokoshi
VFX Producers – Iris Mota, Ellie Rimell
FX Artist – Rupert Aspden
Lead Compositor/2D Artist – James Elkin
Compositors – James Elkin, Ellie Rimell, Baptiste Audouin, Daniel Peoples
Colourist/Online Editor – Jongheon Lee


Willow – Sabrina Bartlett
Dr. Clark – Brendan Patricks