The Brilliance of our Students

The 24th of September was an important evening at the Beaconsfield Film Society. An invitation by the school to our four finalists in our BFS GRADUATION FILM EVENT 2022 brought considerable artistic talent to our beautiful cinema to make this a most enjoyable occasion. Aided by the superb projection of Viktor Csigas with the helpRead More

Our Queens Platinum Jubilee Quiz

JubileeQuiz-ANSWERS   This time we had many ALMOST correct answers but only ONE with a 100% score. Our congratulations go to Laila Smith & family who guessed all 25 titles correctly.   The greatest hurdles were No 4 (ALL THE KINGS MEN) and No 23 (THE PRINCE OF JUTLAND aka ROYAL DECEIPT). Both titles causedRead More

Adding to Student and Ukraine support

Over the past five years, we have been able to help students by contributing in a meaningful way to the Student Support fund, the Kick-Starter fund, and Graduation Film work, all under severe pressure bearing in mind additional costs incurred through covid-related rules and regulations.   With the help of our members and our volunteers,Read More

OLGA – Our film for Ukraine

Having raised over £2,000 on the night for Ukraine-facing British charities, with all tickets sold, we settled down in our comfortable seats apprehensive that we would be listening to some uncomfortable, often tragic news. Yuri and Elena, two Ukrainians who settled in England some years ago, left a large and happy family behind whom theyRead More

Two for the Price of One

Celebrating the re-opening of the Beaconsfield Film Society and the 50th Anniversary of the National Film and TV School made for a very special evening. Following a glass of bubbly, a full house settled down in anticipation of a stimulating evening and, it can be said, no one left disappointed. Brief words from Dieter Shaw,Read More

Amazon buys James Bond studio MGM for $8.45bn

Streaming Wars intensify When, just over two years ago, Disney took over most of 20th Century Fox, a mega consolidation intensified with millions of us lining the pockets of the film streaming services during pandemic times.  Amazon and MGM have announced that they have entered into a definitive merger agreement under which the tech giantRead More

Screening or Streaming?

Warner Bros 2nd Announcement Watching your favourite film…. In a cinema near you or on your TV or computer? The announcement by the AT&T  US communication behemoth and now also owner of  WarnerMedia, home of the Harry Potter franchise, Game of Thrones etc of its merger with the Discovery channel ‘to take on the StreamingRead More