BFS sponsors young film makers

We are proud to announce sponsorships for three young and talented students selected by the sponsorship committee of the NFTS. on our behalf. Gaining a good degree at the NFTS is a major steppingstone for a successful career and we wish them well. The NFTS supplies graduates to all department of film-making across the worldRead More

Venice Film Festival outshines Cannes

According to recent newspaper reports, ‘All A-listers head to the Venice Film Festival’ where, over the past few years, Venice has outshone Cannes by six Oscars to one. The Cannes event, on the other hand, is said to be struggling to live up to the glory days with a dull selection of movies and aRead More

Dame Helen Mirren speaks out

It had to happen sooner or later. Dame Helen Mirren waded into the fight between the ‘traditional’ film industry and the film streaming services Netflix. She turned the air blue at the recent CinemaCon conference in Las Vegas claiming in somewhat colourful language the devastating effect on the industry. Cinema chains and a growing numberRead More


We often show a short film before one of our features. These are usually works made by groups of graduate students from the school’s  different film making disciplines who combine to make a grad film under the guidance of their tutors. In late February each year the school takes over a multi-screen cinema for severalRead More

Bob’s New Babe

  Bob Hill, TV Studio Technical Manager is our projectionist and his latest Sony 4000k projector is his pride and joy. Projecting crystal clear and vibrant images up to 10 meter wide, it is custom built for cinemas such as ours. Warning! A new bulb could be costly at just under £2,000.

New Hearing Loop Installed

The Signet PDA 500/2 professional current mode audio-frequency induction loop amplifier offers outstanding sound quality and unrivalled reliability. The PDA 500/2 is ideal for use in small to medium size rooms up to a maximum of 500 square metres.

GREEN BOOK wins big

Friday 5th July we show GREEN BOOK, a film that gathered 3 Academy Awards plus another 50 wins and 90 nominations world-wide. The story of a working-class white American-Italian bouncer who becomes the driver for  an African-American classical pianist in the 1960’s deep south.

Stuart Harris, joint head of Cinematography, visited Beaconsfield Film Society 8th March 2019

Stuart Harris is an acclaimed film, commercials and video cinematographer. He brought a wealth of experience, anecdotes and personal snapshots about his life in the industry. working with some of the leading film makers. He enjoyed great success in commercials and feature work with some of the towering figures of our time like Stanley Kubrik.Read More