Latest Film Classifications – Revised for Racist Language

Classifications in use

The British Board of Film Classification is a non-governmental organisation founded by the film industry in 1912 and responsible for the national classification and censorship of films exhibited at cinemas and video works released on physical media within the United Kingdom.

With a change of attitudes towards racist language, the board is taking a stricter position saying ‘that attitudes had shifted with outdated and offensive terms.’

Following research commissioned by the BBFC with the help of 70 participants evaluating clips from a cross-section of films containing such scenes, the N-word was the most contentious where zero-tolerance attitudes emerged.

‘Each contentious word or phrase must be judged in its setting where clear condemnation with the victim or documentary and historical setting can all help to frame the sequence.

‘People understood that some older films and TV shows are a product of their time ‘.

It’s clear that attitudes have shifted.