Screening: Saturday 25th February

  • 124 min
  • Drama, Music, Musical
  • Realease date: 13 Feb 1972 (United States)
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IMDB Rating:
7.8 / 10


Newly remastered to 4k and Dolby sound

Berlin 1930. The city is a magnet for society’s outcasts, foreigners, transvestites, prostitutes, and gays. The focus is on Sally (Liza Minelli), a life and men loving American nightclub singer with secret dreams for a more respectable life. She moves in with a young unemployed English translator and, with their friends, witness the winds of violence brought on by the emerging powers of the Nazis. Songs like ‘Money, Money’ and ‘If you could have seen her through my Eyes.’ Movingly brilliant, a Bob Fosse masterpiece.  Running time 124 minutes