Leave No Traces (15) (S)

Screening: Saturday 12th August

  • 160 min
  • Drama
  • Realease date: 24 Sep 2021 (Poland, Czech Republic, France)
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IMDB Rating:
7.1 / 10


Two young pals are larking about in a 1980’s Warsaw square when police (illegally) demand to see the pair’s ID. One of them refuses – he knows his rights. His Mum is a well-known critic of the communist government. At the station he is brutally beaten up. An older officer intervenes berating a rookie for booting him in the back. Go for the stomach he barks: “It leaves no marks.” Two days later he dies. A poisonous coven of falsehoods, intimidations, accusations, and threats ensues targeting the surviving friend, as protests at the killing enrages the population.  Polish with subtitles.  Running time 160 minutes.