The Lunchbox

  • 104 min
  • Drama, Romance
  • 20 Sep 2013 (India, France, Germany, USA, Canada)
7.8 / 10


India 2013 – Director: Ritesh Batra
When Ila tries to rekindle her husband’s interest in her by preparing a special lunchbox for him, a mistaken delivery begins an unlikely friendship with another man! This, the director’s first feature film, is a charmingly comic portrayal of home and office life in Mumbai, with a poignant love story.  BAFTA nominated.  Running time 105 mins. Hindi with English subtitles.

Short: History of the Cinema. 1957.  A humorous look at the cinema from this famous British pioneer of animation. Like most of the work from Halas and Batchelor many a truth is expressed with a twinkle in the eye, there to be enjoyed. Rare stuff, indeed. Don’t miss it. Running time 10 minutes.

Audience Ratings:  Unmissable 6 (10%), Really Good 39 (70%), Good 10 (18%)