Woman at War (12A) (S) (F)

Screening: Saturday 25th January

  • 101 min
  • Adventure, Comedy, Drama
  • Realease date: 22 May 2018 (Iceland, France, Ukraine)
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IMDB Rating:
7.6 / 10


A 50-year old mild choir teacher eco warrior attempts to disrupt an aluminium smelter in the beautiful Icelandic highlands with bow and arrow. The unexpected arrival of a young orphan in her life could derail her plans.   Running time 101 minutes plus short item. Icelandic with English subtitles.       What’s this?

Short item: Now or NeverNFTS Graduate Showcase 2019, Graduating Crew led by Matt Senior – Director, Producer and Cinematographer

The story of the rarest great ape in the world, the TapanuliOrangutan. Only recently identified as an entirely new species, they already face extinction. Is there any way to save them?  Running time 25 minutes.